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Stephen F. Hager is a Kinesthetic-Visual-Auditory learner with creative Global thinking tendencies. Stephen is a co-founder of The HADRON Group, Inc, along with Deanna S. Phelps. He is also a co-creator of Brain PathWays™, BRAIN MODE® power and Learning Keys™. Stephen has over 40 years experience in scientific research, product development and helping organizations leverage their people's strengths and core competencies. He has served over 100 international clients, as a business consultant and organizational development specialist. Stephen's hands-on operational experience forged his deep desire to develop practical neuroscience solutions for better communications, clearer thinking, faster learning, higher productivity, stress management and creative problem solving. He holds a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida with continuing education in physics and electrochemistry. Stephen is a lifelong learner, author, public speaker and seminar facilitator. He is a Diamond status, Expert Author with Ezine Articles. Stephen has dedicated his life to educate and help people live better and less stressful lives through practical neuroscience.

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