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Affiliates are coaches, consultants, trainers, public speakers, educators, and other passionate individuals who want to help people and organizations “be the best they can be.” Affiliates have significant contacts and trusted relationships within one or more “user groups.” These groups may include professional societies and trade groups, educational institutions, industry sectors, career categories, government, military, charitable and humanitarian organizations.

Affiliates have direct access to their “user groups” through web sites, newsletters, blogs, email lists, and personal interactions at conferences and speaking engagements; these are the means to communicate the value proposition for Neuidentity solutions to life challenges.

Affiliates are given a unique URL: and endorse the Neuidentity products best aligned with the culture and needs of their “user group”. Affiliate sales are tracked; generous commissions are paid quarterly.

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Take a Look at What Our Team is Saying 

“I am a professor using Brain PathWays to help my students succeed academically and in their personal lives and careers. I teach Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management courses for undergraduate and graduate studies.

There are both personal and professional reasons why I find Brain Pathways a significant and essential tool.   After becoming a Brain Pathways Affiliate and Master Certified Facilitator, I no longer believe that difficult communication has to do with difficult people. Instead, I now understand it has to do with speaking a common language because the report identifies how people are wired to receive and process information. Naturally, this helps in all areas of your life.

Professionally, however, it also has to do with setting up the right team dynamics. People tend to leave out those who are different, many times, because they can't speak their language and don't understand them. This also allows for big gaps in strengths that are not met. Using Brain Pathways allows for the inclusion of a larger pool of skills and abilities, which in turn increases potential, efficiency, and effectiveness. Not only is it allowing for differences, it is including the best of a truly balanced workforce.”

Dr. Debra Pearl Hockenberry