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Value Proposition

For You

  • More revenue
  • Tools to make existing training programs more effective
  • Helping others be the best they can be
  • Making a difference
  • Personal growth and fulfillment

For Your "User Groups"

  • Being the best they can be
  • Better relationships
  • Better careers
  • Better life 

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Take a Look at What Our Team is Saying 

“I have been a certified coach/trainer of the Hadron Group's neuroscience products since the mid 1990’s; hence I am a bit biased in my evaluation of Brain PathWays, as I have applied the materials in many different settings on five continents. The concepts are used in unique ways in virtually all my client engagements including: leadership development, team building, executive coaching, strategic planning, train-the-trainers, and sales training.

We are all gifted with unique learning and thinking styles, but often fail to comprehend that our family members, peers, collaborators, people who report to us, and people we need to influence have different learning and thinking processes. Brain PathWays not only teaches us about ourselves, but also teaches us how the people in our lives are unique and special, and how to communicate and work with them on a much more authentic level.

Brain PathWays has helped distinguish and differentiate my consulting practice from the pack; it has been a significant value-added component to my portfolio of tools and services. What does it do for my clients? It enhances their abilities to more effectively align by building rapport, and to communicate more effectively. As a result, Brain PathWays has enriched lives and improved team and organizational performance.”

Dr. Monty G. Miller, Ed.D, MBA
President, International Performance Solutions
Estes Park, CO