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Deanna S. Phelps is an Auditory-Visual-Kinesthetic learner with a leaning toward Sequential thinking that counterbalances her Global strength for ideating possibilities and discovering unique solutions. Deanna is co-founder of The HADRON Group, Inc. a research and consulting organization focused on developing and publishing brain-based human development solutions for personal and professional development. Deanna’s 30 plus years of experience in neuroscience, including working with adults and children with brain damage and neurological disorders, formed the core competencies, upon which HADRON was founded. She has extensive educational background and expertise in neurology, psychology, speech pathology, accelerated Learning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Deanna is a co-creator of Brain PathWays™, BRAIN MODE® power and Learning Keys™. Deanna earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Communication Disorders from Fontbonne University. Deanna is committed to helping others reach their full potential in their careers, relationships and personal development by using their brain strengths to grow to be the best they can be.