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Ken Long is an Auditory-Visual-Kinesthetic learner with strong innovative Global thinking traits. Ken is the owner of Tortoise Capital management, a consulting practice that engages in the training, education and development of individual and organizations. Much of his practice centers on the improvement of individual and group decision-making processes in high volatility environments under conditions of uncertainty using a systems approach. He conducts his practice globally, with research and practice in the use of virtual communities of practice to raise the level of performance of individuals and groups with applied neuroscience insights using experiential and reflective learning practices. Ken has a doctorate in Organizational Development from Colorado Tech University, a Masters of Science in Systems Management from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor of Arts in Asian history from Michigan State University. Ken is a combat veteran who retired as an US Army officer with 25 years of honorable service. Ken is a licensed and certified Distributor Partner of Hadron’s BRAIN MODE® power…The neuroscience of business and an Affiliate Partner of Hadron’s Brain PathWays™…The neuroscience of you. He teaches critical thinking, change management and logistics at the US Army Command & General Staff College and resides in Leavenworth, Kansas.