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Monty G. Miller is a Visual-Kinesthetic-Auditory learner with strong innovative Global thinking traits. Monty is the owner of International Performance Solutions, Ltd, a consulting practice that engages in training, development and organizational change. Much of his practice involves building high performance organizations through the enhancement of individual leader’s competencies. He conducts his practice in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Monty has a doctorate in Organizational Change from Pepperdine University and a MBA and Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University. He leads organizational development processes in a manner that aligns employees to organizational strategic direction, based on quantitative, qualitative and culture research. Monty designs organizational development plans, instructs skill building, and provides executive coaching, plus supports creation of mergers, joint ventures and alliances. Monty is a licensed and certified Distributor Partner of Hadron’s BRAIN MODE® power…The neuroscience of business and an Affiliate Partner of Hadron’s Brain PathWays™…The neuroscience of you. Monty is also the primary author of The Hadron Group’s The Practical Neuroscience of Leadership, Building Personal and Professional Relationships. He serves on the Board of Directors of The Hadron Group, Inc. and resides in Estes Park, Colorado.