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Neuroscience of You

“You are gifted with virtually unlimited potential for learning and creativity. Ninety-five percent of what we know about the capabilities of the human brain has been learned the last twenty years. Let’s set the stage for learning how to think like Leonardo (da Vinci) by considering the contemporary view of intelligence and some result of the investigation into the nature and extent of your brain’s potential.”

Michael J. Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day

Neuroscience of You

  • Your strengths – Learn how you’re wired for success 
  • Your navigation system – “Be the best you can be”
  • Your “blind spots” – Avoid costly mistakes and roadblocks
  • Your “creative modes” – The flip side of your “blind spots”
  • Your personalized alignment strategies – Create the life you dream of

The Neuroscience of You is about discovering and harnessing your brainpower. Your unique strengths are your personal solutions for your communication, career, relationship, leadership, stress, problem solving and academic success challenges.

The following facts show you how your brainpower works for you, not against you, to experience a more prosperous, peaceful, harmonious and fulfilling life.

Fact #1

Your powerful Brain is the most complex operating system in the universe. It contains 100 billion neurons with a staggering potential for pathway connections exceeding our wildest imagination. Coincidently, the Hubbell telescope recently provided NASA with data to estimate the total number of galaxies in the universe at 100 billion, the same number of neurons in your brain.

Fact #2

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to continuously grow, learn, change and adapt, despite your age. Your brain is dynamic, not static. The more you learn, think and apply knowledge, the more you increase and strengthen your intelligence, flexibility, adaptability and resourcefulness. What set Einstein’s genius apart, was not what he started with, but how he developed his genius through his neural networks, e.g. vast “root system” developed by neurons connecting with one another.

Fact #3

Career success exponentially increases when your brain strengths are aligned with activities and tasks you are passionate about and which require your strengths. Conversely, you are most apt to lose interest and make mistakes when working in your “blind spots;” they are sensory and cognitive areas you pay least attention to. “Blind spots” are two-sided coins; the flip sides are your portals to new insights and breakthrough thinking.

Fact #4

Communication challenges are often due to misalignment with the way people prefer to receive and process information. You can flex and align with people who are on different “wavelengths” than you to gain rapport, respect, trust and understanding.

Fact #5

Integrate fun into everything you do because your brain is naturally curious and loves to learn. Fun and safe environments naturally engage your brain, help you relax and relieve stress.

Fact #6

Working smarter, not harder, in this Century of the Brain, is about using your brainpower to get more of what you want, and improving quality of life without sacrificing peace of mind, health and relationships. Isn’t it time to learn how to use your most valuable possession…Your Miraculous Brain?

Fact #7

Today, you are able to discover more about your brainpower, and how to use it, than at any time in the past. Practical neuroscience solutions are proven and can be trusted to create the life you dream of.

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