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College Survival Guide: Make Learning Fun!

03.21.2013 | 11:44 am

Do you experience learning as fun or is it something you dread? Why do some people seem to love and enjoy learning? What are their secrets and is there a scientific basis for what works for them?

Learning can and should be a stress-free and joyful experience. Learning helps you navigate life successfully, solve problems and make good decisions. Knowledge, skills and competencies give you access to the careers and jobs that provide the abundance you deserve and desire. Continuous learning may be the insurance you want and need for yourself, your children and your parents.

Neuroscience research provides the basis for fun and successful learning. The central premise is that your brain is naturally curious and hard wired to learn, think, remember and apply information. It’s a pattern seeking device looking to make sense of things, solve problems, connect dots and discover beyond the obvious. Over 100 billion neurons, the building blocks of intelligence and memory, provide infinite potential for growth. When learning is successful your brain rewards you with positive feelings of joy, satisfaction, achievement and victory. It’s a built in “pat-you-on-the-back” system.

Students from several universities provided the following practical ideas on what they do to make learning fun:

“Imagine the positive outcomes from learning something new. Try to associate learning with practical applications. The fun kicks-in when things acquired to memory are processed and used in daily activities.”

“Deep breathing and exercise before and after learning improves whole brain functioning. Use exercise to dissipate stress. Oxygen makes learning easier and therefore more fun.”

"Use your favorite and preferred ways to learn and remember. Learn your way, not someone else’s way. Most professors don’t have a clue on how you learn.”

“Learning is always fun when I learn something new that has a purpose in my life.”
“When I get curious about something, my brain seems to have a mind of its own. It’s a fun ride.”

“Teach someone else something you have to learn but don’t want to. You’ll learn it quickly and the experience is surprisingly fun.”

“Learning is fun when I listen to music. I like classical music while studying and popular music during breaks to get my energy up.”

You know that college is stressful and we know that stress makes learning more difficult. Fun learning is successful learning, so your homework assignment for the week is to make learning fun!

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