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Educational Development

Confidence about your kids' future is a happy feeling!

Fast track their success with personalized educational strategies based on their brain strengths.

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It hurts when you see your kids struggle!

It’s frustrating to see your middle school, high school, or college level children struggle with their educational courses and career path. You know that academic success is important to get high-paying jobs in careers they will be passionate about. You want your child to be successful and happy, and to live a prosperous life. Your child may be losing interest in school work, resisting doing homework, exhibiting low self-esteem, and getting progressively lower grades. As parents, we want to give our children every advantage and opportunity for success. What can you do to help your children succeed academically and get on the right career path?

The biggest obstacle to your kids’ learning success

Research shows that the educational system does not provide the essential tools to help your children understand how their brains are naturally wired to learn, lock in new information, and align their strengths with the right career. Problems arise when their brain strengths and the ways they learn best are misaligned with how subjects are taught and the nature of the subjects themselves. This frustrating challenge may begin in middle school and continue through high school, college, and into adulthood. Without self-awareness of what’s going on, your child is likely to develop a strong disdain for learning, and experience low self-esteem that can carry over into adult life.

Discover your kid's blueprint for academic and career success

Worries about your child’s academic success will evaporate when you and your child become aware of his or her unique brain strengths, and gain the personalized tools to leverage them. The discovery process is immediately useful for the educational needs of your children now, and the benefits of our solutions continue throughout their education, culminating in the selection of their ideal careers based on their brain strengths.

Fast track your kid’s academic and career success

Neuidentity solutions are based on identifying your child’s natural sensory and cognitive strengths, and matching these strengths to their personalized accelerated learning strategies. The system enables your children to feel better about themselves, learn faster and better, improve their memory and retention, make higher grades, increase concentration, and develop time management skills.

4th grade to 8th grade: Learning Keys is designed for a parent to work with their child using experiential, hands-on resources.

9th grade to college: Brain PathWays for Academic Success is an advanced system for academic success and career guidance.

Imagine how happy you will feel when your child is on a self-directed pathway of educational and career success.

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