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Brain PathWays® Assessment and Report

Brain PathWays® Assessment and Report


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    Discover your brain strengths to navigate life. This comprehensive package includes a 10-minute, online survey that identifies your personal brain strengths, plus your customized 14-page report with personalized strategies for life success. Please enter the required info below and watch for an email with a link to your online assessment within 24 hours. When ordering more than one, add each to the cart separately to assign new names and emails.


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    Brain PathWays™ is a powerful online neuroscience system to discover your sensory perceptual and cognitive processing strengths, but it doesn't stop there. This system teaches you how to apply and leverage that knowledge to align your unique strengths with life activities for the best possible outcomes.

    After taking a quick, statistically validated online survey, you have instant access to your custom report.

    Download a free sample report

    14-page individualized custom report features

    • Comprehensive data and personal recommendations
    • How to enhance communication with everyone
    • Quick stress relief exercises to keep you moving
    • Powerful methods to be more creative
    • Fun exercises to strengthen your pathways
    • Match your strengths to your best jobs and careers
    • How to create the best environment for particular tasks
    • Prevention of most likely accidents and mistakes
    • Strategies to increase your productivity by 25% to 50%
    • Tools to increase learning by 25% to 60%

    Your secure link to the online assessment will be delivered via email from within 24 hours.

    Product delivery: link to online survey via email
    pdf report

    Why is it important to know my brain strengths?
    Your unique strengths are your personal life foundation for communication, career, relationships, leadership, stress reduction, problem solving and academic success. Working and performing with the way your brain works instead of against the way it works is your key to unlocking your brain power for more fulfillment and a better life.

    How do I know that my results reflect my strengths?
    Hadron assessments have been repeatedly tested for reliability by independent psychometric experts, using the highest standards of statistical research methods. You can trust your results and personalized strategies. READ MORE

    How are my Brain PathWays results different from other assessments?
    Brain PathWays is the only program that not only identifies your brain strengths, but gives you the practical application tools to instantly use them for life success. Unlike some behavioral and psychological assessments, your strategies are based on your personal strengths.

    Will my results change in a year, or more?
    Sensory sequences and cognitive preferences almost always stay the same. Over time, your strengths and “blind spots” typically get stronger because you are aware of them and use them more consciously. This is the power of neuroplasticity in action.

    How long does the online assessment take?
    Typically, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the 50 statistically-validated statements. Because there is no right or wrong response, you can usually trust your initial instinct, thus shortening the time it takes to complete the fun and easy assessment.

    What does my report cover?
    Report sections include: Summary Profile, Strengths and Blind Spots, Score Interpretation and application tools for: Best Careers, Better Communications, Personal Productivity, Accelerated Learning, Accessing Creativity, Reducing Stress and Family/Group Template.

    When do I get my report?
    Brain strength assessment reports are foundational and integral to all Neuidentity products; results are available online immediately after completing the 10 to 15-minute online assessment.

    For a "neu" and better you!