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Learning Keys™

Learning Keys™


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    Learning Keys™ is an educational head start for students in 4th through 8th grades and a complete DIY learning system for students, teachers, counselors, and home schooling parents. Learning Keys is a hands-on physical product. It includes a statistically-validated, self-scoring assessment of sensory and cognitive strengths, multiple intelligences and strategies for learning, homework and memory retention.

    If your child is experiencing difficulty in a traditional classroom, it’s likely that their unique way to learn and think is out of alignment with the teaching methodology. This situation may result in loss of focus, lowered self-esteem and significant learning challenges. The Learning Keys™ system:

    • Builds the life skill of “learning how to learn”
    • Leverages student strengths, not weaknesses
    • Helps students get better grades
    • Improves self-esteem
    • Decreases the learning curve with new and difficult information
    • Creates ideal environments to learn, do homework and prepare for tests
    • Makes teaching, counseling and parenting a more satisfying and successful experience

    The Learning Keys™ system is an integrated physical package that addresses the sensory perceptual and cognitive thinking mode strengths of all learners. The system includes:

    • Validated Brain Strength Self-Scoring Survey
    • Learning Keys™ Personal Profile

    Application Tools

    • Sensory Strategies: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic
    • Thinking Strategies: Sequential, Global, Integrated
    • Music List for Increased Concentration
    • Identifying and Using Multiple Intelligences
    • Booklet for Parents, Teachers and Counselors

    Package includes: Validated Brain Strength Self-Scoring Survey; Learning Keys™ Personal Profile
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    Why is it important to know my brain strengths?
    Your unique strengths are your personal life foundation for communication, career, relationships, leadership, stress reduction, problem solving and academic success. Working and performing with the way your brain works instead of against the way it works is your key to unlocking your brain power for more fulfillment and a better life.

    How do I know that my results reflect my strengths?
    Hadron assessments have been repeatedly tested for reliability by independent psychometric experts, using the highest standards of statistical research methods. You can trust your results and personalized strategies. READ MORE

    Will my results change in a year, or more?
    Sensory sequences and cognitive preferences almost always stay the same. Over time, your strengths and “blind spots” typically get stronger because you are aware of them and use them more consciously. This is the power of neuroplasticity in action.

    For a "neu" and better you!