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Leadership Solutions

Advanced Leadership Coaching

Advanced Leadership Coaching


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    Three 45-minute sessions of interactive personal coaching by a master level facilitator to help you build neuro-leadership competencies and integrate practical neuroscience solutions into your team or organization.

    The overarching theme of these interactive and customized coaching sessions is to help you build neuro-leadership competencies and integrate neuroscience solutions into your team or organization. Your coaching sessions utilize your Brain PathWays® report, Practical Neuroscience of Leadership™ workbook and NeuroNotes™.

    Session 1 – Self-Awareness
    Your coach will assist you in the following areas:

    • Aligning your strengths to your leadership roles and responsibilities
    • Improving communication effectiveness
    • Becoming aware of your “blind spots” and their impact on performance
    • Taking steps to leverage co-worker strengths to counter-balance your “blind spots”
    • Making more accurate decisions
    • Leveraging strengths for creative problem solving
    • Minimizing stress

    Your coach will send you a worksheet to identify and characterize your personal and organizational issues for improvement. You will be asked to define the desired outcomes you want to experience from improving your current situation. Your outcomes will be the focal point for the following sessions.

    Session 2 – Assessing Gaps
    Your coach will connect neuroscience solutions to your desired outcomes to bridge the gaps between your current situation and where you want to be. You will be directed to specific sections of your Practical Neuroscience of Leadership™ workbook to review before the next session.

    Session 3 – Bridging Gaps
    This interactive session focuses on applying practical neuroscience principles and tools to make measurable improvements in you, and your team or organization. Your coach guides and helps you build a logical and realistic plan to implement the strategies and tools in your resource materials.

    NOTE: If you signed up for the one-hour coaching session prior to this 3-session offer, an additional session will be customized to further expand your knowledge and integration of practical neuroscience solutions into your team or organization.

    At the conclusion of your sessions, your coach will ask you to write a paragraph of your insights and learning; feedback will be provided to reinforce and expand upon your newly acquired knowledge. At that time, you can opt to continue your journey with additional personal or group sessions, on-site workshops, or certification training. Get ready for a fun journey of self-awareness that leads to achieving your personal goals.

    We call you personally to get acquainted, learn your desired outcomes and schedule your sessions, so please enter a daytime phone number at checkout.

    Three 45-minute coaching sessions by telephone 

    How does personal coaching add value?
    Neuidentity coaches accelerate your process to become a new and better you. All coaching sessions utilize your customized brain strength report. Your coach focuses on the areas you most want to improve: Personal, Professional, Leadership and/or Educational. Family and small group sessions are also available.

    For a "neu" and better you!