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Personal Coaching Session

Personal Coaching Session


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    One hour of personal coaching by a master level coach provides focused application of your brain strengths report toward personal development and relationships.

    The overarching theme of your personal coaching session is helping you to “be the best you can be.” Your coaching session by phone is convenient, and provides you with guidance on applying the information in your Brain PathWays report. Your coach stands ready to assist you in the following areas:

    • Improving your relationships
    • Reinventing yourself
    • Maximizing your brainpower
    • Managing stress
    • Accessing your creativity

    Our competent and caring coaches connect your assessment results with your self-improvement goals in ways that are natural, authentic and self-motivational. At the conclusion of your session, your coach will ask you to write a paragraph of your insights and learning; feedback will be provided to reinforce and expand upon your newly acquired knowledge. Get ready for a fun journey of self-awareness that leads to achieving your personal goals.

    We call you personally to get acquainted, learn your desired outcomes and schedule your one-hour session, so please enter a daytime phone number at checkout.

    One-hour coaching session by telephone 

    How does personal coaching add value?
    Neuidentity coaches accelerate your process to become a new and better you. All coaching sessions utilize your customized brain strength report. Your coach focuses on the areas you most want to improve: Personal, Professional, Leadership and/or Educational. Family and small group sessions are also available.

    For a "neu" and better you!