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Career Development

Feeling lost and stressed about work?

Neuidentity shows you how to align and unleash your brain strengths for career success.

Brain PathWays™ Career Solutions

Overwhelmed with career worries?

Career stress is running wild. It’s fueled by an uncertain economy, and anxiety from doing what it takes to keep your job, or trying to find a new job that’s a better fit. Add personal daily demands, excessive multi-tasking, media-induced fear, and continuous distractions by communication technology and social media to the equation. Is it any wonder we feel lost, think we are going crazy, and want to escape to a safer and better place?

When you are overwhelmed and stressed out, your brain does not function at peak performance. It’s difficult to think clearly, make sound decisions, feel good about yourself, maintain emotional stability, have harmonious relationships, and be productive. The result of excessive stress is reduced productivity, less engagement, more mistakes, compromised health, and strained relationships.

Align your brain strengths to be more productive and less stressed

When you are engaged in a job or career that’s compatible with the way your brain is wired, you experience more fulfillment and success. Doesn’t it make sense that when your work matches your strengths, you excel? Performing work that isn’t aligned with your brain strengths is more difficult, frustrating, stressful, and less productive, not to mention, no fun at all!

Improve relationships with your boss and co-workers

Severe communication problems with your boss and/or co-workers may also be factors. Frequently, there are big differences in the ways people prefer to receive information, express themselves, and think about things. Misaligned communication preferences can create tension and misunderstandings. Improve rapport, respect, and understanding by communicating on the same “wavelengths.” This powerful solution is easy and quick to implement when you have our professional development tools at your command.

Neuidentity solutions for career success

Foundational to taking control of your career, is to know how your brain is wired for success and what makes you tick. Neuidentity solutions identify your unique brain strengths and deliver personalized career guidance, tools, and personal coaching, leading to a more fulfilling career and less stress.

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